Cat Sitting Services Leland

At Walkers Walks, we offer professional stay-at-home cat sitting services in Leland to ensure your cat is safe and happy during your time away!

Cats are generally creatures of habit! They prefer to remain in the same setting and interact with a familiar environment.

So what do you do when you won’t be home most of the day or even a few days and have to leave your feline friend behind? The last thing you want is to leave them stressed and uncomfortable. 

That’s where we come in! We are happy to stop by an give your feline friend a fresh litter box, food, water, and of course plenty of TLC! Come home to a happy Cat!

cat sitting services leland
Walter's Walks Cat Care Clients Cali and Priss

Enjoy the Best Cat Sitting Services “Near Me”

Did you do a Google search for “cat sitters near me” and find us? Well lucky you!

Your cat’s happiness is as important as your own, especially when you’re not around. Cats require consistent care to feel loved, as well as mental and physical stimulation to remain content in their environment.

We understand what makes your cat happy, and that’s why we tailor our services to fit all the needs and preferences of your purring partner.

We also know that you want to be confindent in knowing that your cat care provider is trustworthy and responsible with not only your pets, but your home as well.

We always strive to give your pets a unique experience because after all, this is “their” time and they deserve to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Whenever you’re tied up at work or stuck with errands to run, or gone for a few days, you can always contact us and we will step in to ensure your kitty cats enjoys some much-needed affection and atttention!

Our Leland Cat Sitting Prices

15 Minute Visit


30 Minute Visit


45 Minute Visit


1 Hour Visit


We want to do more than just help take care of your cats! We want to build and develop a close relationship with you and your animal acquaintance and gain the trust of both!

Our Cat Sitting Visits in Leland Can Include:

clean the kitty littler box

Clean the Litter Box

clean the kitty littler box

Refresh Water Bowl

clean the kitty littler box

Serve Food/If Needed

clean the kitty littler box

Give Medication/If Needed

clean the kitty littler box

Lots of TLC

clean the kitty littler box

Water Plants

clean the kitty littler box

Bring In Mail

clean the kitty littler box

Bring In/Take Out Trash

clean the kitty littler box

Interactive Toys/Treats/Playtime

clean the kitty littler box

Feedback Reports Via Email

clean the kitty littler box

Live GPS Tracked Dog Walks

clean the kitty littler box

Training Reinforcement

Cat Sitting Services “In My Area”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas do You Provide Cat Sitting Services For?

Cat Sitting Services Leland

Cat Sitting Services Wilmington, NC

My service areas consist of Leland, Wilmington, Downtown Wilmington, Winnabow, Belville, Brunswick Forest, Mallory Creek, Magnolia Greens, Compass Point to name a few. Contact me if you are not sure and I will let you know if you are within our service area.

What is Your Experience?

For the past three years I was the asistant manager and lead pet sitter at a very successful pet sitting and dog walking company in Wilmington.

I decided to start my own business and created Walter’s Walks in 2022. I have owned animals all of my life and have a strong passion for what I do and the services that I provide.

Are You Insured and Bonded?

ABSOLUTELY! Insurance is a necessity for professional cat sitting since anything can happen during our visits sessions. We are bonded as well for your protection and peace of mind.

Do You Have Any Certifications?

Yes, Myself and any pet sitter or dog walker that works for Walter’s Walks is and will be pet CPR & First-Aid, and Fear Free Certified!

Walter’s Walks is also a proud member of the Pet Sitters International Organization!

How Much do You Charge for a Cat Care Visit?

We have four total visit length:

15 Minutes > $20

30 Minutes > $25

45 Minutes >$33

1 Hour > $40

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Cat Sitters in Leland

Using our stay-at-home cat sitting services Leland comes with a range of benefits, especially when you’ll be away for a decent amount of time. Some of these include:

Gives Your Cat Peace of Mind

Just like humans, cats too get stressed when their favorite human is not around. This is even worse when their routine is interrupted with nobody to feed them and offer them treats when necessary. When you get an in-house sitter, you will reduce your kitty’s chances of getting stressed by having someone to cater to most of their routine needs. You become pet parents who care when you hire us.

Ensures Your Cat’s Health

Cat sitters are trained professionals with qualifications in fields such as pet CPR and emergency first aid. We also understand animal behavior and can pick out something wrong with your fluffy friend, allowing us to react to medical emergencies when necessary. This keeps you from worrying about your pet’s well-being whenever you’re away. 

Keeps Your Home Functional

As a pet sitting business, we will ensure that a home functions as usual when the owner is not around. Aside from taking care of your four-legged companion, we will attend to other tasks like taking out the trash, receiving mail and packages, as well as closing and opening the blinds. All these ensure that your home doesn’t feel abandoned. 

Demonstrates Love and Care for Your Feline Friend

Although cats may seem like self-sufficient beings, they still require constant human interaction, especially when they are pets. Starving them of interactions such as fun games, petting, and other play activities can stress your friend and put them in confusing situations. An in-home sitter helps to maintain this human interaction in your absence to keep your pet happy.

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